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      Christmas Dinner fills residents with joy

      Christmas day is a time to be surrounded by your friends and family.

      However, there are some people who were alone and couldn't be with their families.

      That's why volunteers from all the churches and the community came together in Gladstone to host the 9th Annual Christmas Dinner at Memorial Methodist Church.

      It's the season of giving, and more than a hundred volunteers took several hours out of their Christmas day to give others a wonderful Christmas.

      "It has been wonderful to help the families that aren't able to provide Christmas dinners or want the comradery of being together with other people. It's just such a wonderful spirit of Christmas," said volunteer Julie Aschbacher.

      People from all the churches in Gladstone and the community in Delta County volunteered for the annual Christmas dinner.

      Hours and weeks went into preparing for the meal.

      "At the end of the day I feel uplifted because there are many friends and neighbors that you don't even realize are alone or in one way or another not able to prepare a meal for themselves. It's just a really rewarding ministry," said Alice Putch, Coordinator.

      The dinner was for those who are alone at Christmas time because their family is away, or for those who don't have the means to prepare a special dinner.

      Volunteers say no one should be alone during Christmas, so it's a way to get them celebrating together.

      "They're taking time off from their own families and relatives and coming here to give. I think that's what Christmas is about. I'm just so happy," said guest, Barbara Mcrae.

      More than a hundred people stopped by for a meal, and more than 160 packed dinners where delivered to those staying home.

      For those here, whether it's having a hot meal or socializing with people they have never met, it gives them a sense of love and fellowship on Christmas Day.