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      Christmas light display brightens the night

      Christmas may be wrapping up, but that doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying the sounds and lights of the holiday season. And you can do that by Dale's Clock Shop between Gwinn and Little Lake.

      After 60 hours of set-up, 10 hours of computer work and 10 hours of testing in November, Dale's annual Christmas lights show is, once again, up and running. Every year's theme is different, and this year's focuses on sleigh rides.

      Visitors can park their cars and turn on their radio to listen to the sounds of Christmas as they watch the show.

      "I love Christmas, I like to thank the people for coming to the clock shop, customers, and I just like to provide entertainment for all the kids no matter what age you are," said Dale Weingartner, owner of Dale's Clock Shop.

      You still have plenty of time to catch the show. It will be up until January 6. For more information, click here.