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      Christmas lights decorate veteran's home

      With Thanksgiving gone and snow everywhere, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially at Marine Corps Sergeant Erick Baccus' house. He's decorating his home with over 11,000 Christmas lights. "Basically I went with the red, white, and blue theme again. I made it a little bit more interesting this year, and I put the American flag, which is behind me, up and that alone has a little bit over 5000 lights in it," said Baccus. Hanging up all of these lights took Erick over 60 hours to complete, but he didn't do it alone. One of his helpers was his five-year-old daughter, Mackenzie. "I helped him put up the lights. My favorite part about the lights is when they blink," said Makenzie Baccus. One of the things that sets Erick's home apart from others is the fact that his lights chime to the music. All of the lights are connected to a wireless box, and there are 20 different holiday-themed songs. Thomas Edison came up with the idea to light up a Christmas tree back in 1880. Now people all across the country decorate the inside and outside of their homes with a festive and colorful display. As for Erick, he says decorating his home with Christmas lights has become a tradition. "Iâ??m going to keep the tradition going, and it's all going to vary on what kind of house I get and what kind of setup I can do with that house," Baccus said. If you're interested in seeing Erick's holiday display, his house is located at 512 Hecla St. in Lake Linden.