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      Christmas service held for people facing hard times

      The holiday season is a time of joy, but for some it may be a sad time full of tragic memories.

      The Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette is holding a Blue Christmas service this Sunday for people dealing with grief this holiday season.

      This is the first time Messiah Lutheran has held such a service. Church officials say that there are so many events and services to rejoice the holiday season, and that people who are dealing with loneliness, illness, loss, or grief need a time to deal with those feelings.

      "To acknowledge the feelings of loneliness and sometimes even despair that people have during this season, so this is a place where it's safe to be with those feelings and to know that you are supported and loved even if you're not feeling so-called Christmas spirit," said Sr. Pastor David Van Kley of the Messiah Lutheran Church.

      If you're looking to attend, that service is open to anyone who wants to go this Sunday at 3 p.m. Messiah Lutheran is located at 305 W. Magnetic Street.