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      Christmas spirit in Christmas, MI

      You'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger helping of Christmas spirit than you can in the holiday's namesake--Christmas, Michigan. Scraping the shores of Lake Superior in Alger County, the tiny town is a Norman Rockwell of Christmas Cheer.

      "The best place to experience Christmas is Christmas," said Sharon Tesch, owner of local favorite, Santa's Workshop.

      Gifts and treats deck the halls of the ever-popular store; a place people travel from all ends of the Upper Peninsula and the world to see.

      "They want to be in Christmas. We had people from Europe, Switzerland, Finland; we get a lot of people from Canada, Wisconsin, we get people form all over and they just love it," said Beth Willis, owner of the Christmas Motel.

      One of the town's greatest draws is the mailing of Christmas cards with a Christmas, Michigan postmark.

      "They will stamp your cards and they will say, 'Christmas, Michigan on them.' How cool is that?" said Margaret Kessel, owner of Margo's Cove in Christmas. "You send a card to somebody and it says Christmas, Michigan...that's such a joy."

      It's Christmas in Christmas year-round, but as the holiday season inches closer, the community turns up the volume on their cheer. This Wednesday through Saturday, they'll host only their second annual Christmas in Christmas Festival, including horse drawn carriages, raffles and, of course, holiday treats.

      Of course Christmas isn't the only community hosting holiday festivities this season. It just happens to be popular. While most festivals are finished by now, there are plenty left for you and your family to enjoy. We've included a list of those in Marquette County, below. If you know of any outside of Marquette County, please share them in our comments section so everyone can enjoy!

      Dec 15:

      -Holiday Hockey Tournament.

      Marquette/Negaunee Hockey Tournament. Three arenas will be used for this tournament that include Negaunee Ice Arena, Berry Events Center at NMU and the Marquette Lakeview Arena. Teams are expected from northern Wisconsin, Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. This is a collaboration of the two Junior Hockey Associations from Marquette and Negaunee.

      -Strolling carolers in downtown Marquette along with free horse drawn carriage rides through out downtown Marquette.

      Dec 16:

      -Holiday Hockey Tournament continues also NMU Graduation, also All Band Show at the Peter White Library

      Dec 17:

      -Hockey Tournament wraps up

      Dec 22:

      -Thursday night strolling carolers in downtown Marquette along with free horse drawn carriage rides throughout downtown