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      Christmas traditions grow at Teal's Tree Farm

      According to the National Christmas Tree Association, there are approximately twenty-five to thirty million real Christmas trees sold in the U.S. each year.

      Michigan ranks as the top third Christmas tree-producing state behind Oregon and North Carolina.

      Choosing and cutting an authentic tree is a tradition for many customers at Teal TMs Tree Farm in Bark River.

      We love to come out here and go on the horse ride and walk around, said Escanaba resident, Sue Bonno. It takes us usually a couple of hours to find the perfect tree. We love it. We'll stand it up today and let it set. Then we'll decorate it Monday night."

      Many people say they enjoy the smell of a real tree, but the best part of all is making memories.

      The tree farm offers a horse carriage to take visitors around the 120 acre farm.

      Oh, it's going to be very special, said Bonno. The tree just brings beauty to Christmas."

      So what's the standard tree that makes the cut?

      The most popular seller is the Fraser Fir, explains owner Joe Teal.

      A standard seven or eight foot tall Fraser Fir costs around $40.00. It takes twelve years to grow that tall.

      If you want a tree, it's best to stop by in person.

      No, we don't do any shipping. I know some places do. They TMll ship an individual tree," said Teal.

      So who makes up their customer base?

      You know, we get people from Marinette, from Menominee, and the Iron Mountain area, too. Most of the customers are Yoopers, said Teal.

      The tree farm is expected to be open until at least December 22nd.

      So there's still time to make your selection.