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      Churchgoers learn the meaning of friendship

      The popularity of social media has boomed over the last couple of years. You may have hundreds of friends you keep up with on your Facebook page, but how many of them are true friends?

      Well, real friendship was the topic during Friend Sunday at Silver Creek Church in Harvey.

      Pastor Kevin Taylor explained the need for real friends. Taylor referenced three different biblical stories showing the types of friendships people need.

      He said you need people around you including someone loyal, loving, someone to hold you accountable and someone to mentor. Taylor added it's necessary to go beyond the surface and create a deeper relationship with people and ultimately God.

      "Talk about not just having multitudes of people. Really centering on having specific people in our lives that we can count on, said Maria Jensen, member.

      "We're all going to go through difficult times. When we do, we need a friend there with us that doesn't judge us. They don't abandon us; they don't gossip about us, they just stay there with us," said Pastor Kevin Taylor.

      After the service, members spent time in fellowships meeting new people.