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      Citadel addition denied

      Tension filled the air of a packed Marquette City Planning Commission meeting Tuesday evening. After nearly three hours of public comment and heated debate, the proposal to build an addition to the Citadel on Blaker Street was denied in a 5-4 vote.

      The overwhelming sentiment from residents in the room? That the design failed to uphold the sense of history and architecture of the city and that area in particular. The proposed development was for a six-story apartment building. Commissioners stressed they were not opposed to the development, just the way the design failed to take into consideration the surrounding properties and neighborhood.

      "I definitely believe in Brownfield redevelopment, absolutely. There needs to be things being redeveloped in the city. However, when you're removing the green space to produce this new development...that's going against the whole concept of Brownfield redevelopment," said Ridge Street resident, Maggie Barsch.

      "The property or any property, especially ones that are historic like that, have a difficult time transitioning from what they had been and to something that has to be fiscally viable in the future...really needs to have a lot of help and a lot of work done to it," said Steve DeGoosh of the Marquette City Planning Commission.

      The project architect declined to comment. There's no word yet if the developer will submit a new proposal to the Planning Commission.