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      City Commission Discusses Proposed Truck Route Ordinance

      T ruck traffic in the city of Marquette could be cut down considerably if a proposed ordinance passes. The City Commission held a work session Thursday to discuss a proposed ordinance that could create a comprehensive truck route that follows Wright Street and U.S Highway 41 and keeps truck traffic out of the city.

      T he ordinance also allows the commission to look at a way to have a possible truck route on McClellan Avenue. Currently trucks can travel anywhere in the city.

      "I think its important we all realize that we've never had a comprehensive truck route ordinance," Mayor Pro Temp Frederick Stonehouse said. "This is the first effort at it and it is a compromise, it certainly has things that some people will like and others will not and quite the reverse for another set of people."

      T he City Commission plans to officially introduce the proposed ordinance to the public on Monday and a vote could come as early as the end of July.