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      City Commission Passes 2015 Budget

      The Marquette City budget for 2015 was passed tonight, but with amendments.

      The 50 million dollar budget needed to be in place by October first and this one had its challenge

      Any city agency with a budget was required to cut it by 10-percent because several sources of revenue are uncertain.

      The most controversial part of the budget was, what the mayor called, a considerable increase in zoning fees.

      One resident suggested if the new fees stood, it would "drive business and improvement underground"

      ??When a mother in-law apartment becomes too much to pay a fee on, people won??t come into apply, when a fee for a fence becomes too much, people will just put up the fence and perhaps you won??t catch it for a few years?? said Mike Beck

      The city commission passed the budget, but the zoning fees will not be increased so steeply.

      The commission will re-examine the budget to look at increasing zoning fees in incremental steps.