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      City council discusses parking deck construction

      Houghton City Council members met and received an update on the parking deck renovations.

      During the presentation, council members got an up close look at a few of the corroded cables found within the deck. According to the report, the parking deck is structurally sound and once the old cables are replaced, the second phase of construction on the east end of the deck can begin.

      During the council meeting, the water and sewage project was also discussed.

      "We had a waterline on 7th Street between Dodge and Portage and I think that was about $250,000," said City Manager Scott MacInnes. "It was just a waterline and that road is in really good shape and I don't see a lot of problems that we've had with that waterline. That was added to the project after we had this whole discussion anyway."

      The city manager says even though the project is $1 million over budget, they will make a few cuts and take money from other funds.

      The council also said fundraising for next year's Finnfest has already started.