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      City of Marquette aims to make walks to school safer

      A Safe Routes to School grant will make walking to school safer for students in Marquette.

      Next spring, sidewalks will be built along Mesnard Street between Bothwell Middle School and Altamont Street. The city commission will review bids for the project at their meeting next Monday. The price tag is expected to be around $182,000.

      At the same time, a section of sidewalk will also be put in along a to-be-determined portion of Altamont Street near Mesnard. That will be paid for with money leftover from the city's capital improvement sidewalk fund.

      "Based upon comments we've had from the community, we'd like to have the city commission, planning commission take a look at that in the future in our capital improvements programming," said Dennis Stachewicz of Marquette Planning and Development.

      Stachewicz says planning for the Mesnard sidewalk was a joint effort between the city, MDOT, and the Marquette County Health Department.