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      City of Marquette budget headed in the right direction

      The city of Marquette has a balanced budget as of Monday night. City commissioners unanimously passed the proposed budget plan for the next fiscal year. Some of the highlights of the city's financial improvements include a decrease in the annual bond debt of nearly 40 percent over the past two years, and the reduction of operating expenses by $300,000. The city's millage rate has also remained the same since 2006. In addition to a balanced budget, the city may get about $300,000 through state revenue sharing.

      "Revenue sharing from the state is always in question every year, and we have to jump through hoops to get it, and because its such a volatile issue right now in Lansing, we balanced our budget without taking into consideration that three hundred plus thousand dollars," said Marquette Mayor John Kivela.

      The commission also discussed the controversial Cliffs Dow site and the groundwater monitoring of that area. The City Commission will be holding a public hearing on that and other issues on May 29.