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      City of Marquette pedals bikes

      Those who were looking to grab a deal on a bike Wednesday headed over to the Marquette Department of Public Works for the annual bike auction.

      The Marquette City Police recovered all the bikes at the auction over the past year. Some have been stolen, abandoned, and/or just found throughout the city. If the police can't track down the owners, they put the bikes in storage and save them for the auction. All afternoon, people stopped by to view and bid on the bikes.

      "Once we recover these bikes, we keep them for about a year, and then what we do is we try to put them back into use again, and this is the best way we feel we can do this is through an auction-type system," said Marquette City Police, Patrol Captain, Blake Rieboldt.

      All of the money from the auction goes toward the city's general fund.