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      City of Marquette wants to keep MGH within city limits

      People of Marquette County are still waiting to hear from Duke Lifepoint about the new location for Marquette General Hospital. In the meantime, the city commission is making it clear: they want the hospital to remain in Marquette.

      At Monday night's meeting, the city commission formed a committee to deal with making final arrangements should Duke Lifepoint keep the new hospital in the city of Marquette. The committee is made up of Mayor Robert Niemi and Commissioners Don Ryan and Sarah Cambensy. It's their job to promote the city as the best possible location.

      "We've had the hospital for 129,139 years and we're hoping that we'll have the hospital for many, many more years to come. It is Marquette General Hospital; certainly it is enjoyed and supported by the greater Marquette community, but we kind of feel a special interest in it because it's been in the city for so many years," said Mayor Niemi.

      Marquette General issued a statement that said they're working with a site development company. They did not say which areas are under consideration. Last September MGH announced they're looking for a 30 to 45 acre location in the city of Marquette.