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      City of Marquette working to tear down orphanage

      The former Holy Cross Orphanage in Marquette could soon be condemned and demolished. Monday, the city of Marquette approved a joint application with the Marquette County Land Bank Authority for grant money made available by the state of Michigan.

      The money is for blighted properties in the state. Fifteen million dollars is available to help communities deal with blight. The building hasn't been used since the early 1980s and has since become not just an eyesore, but to some in the community, a danger.

      "I can't imagine anybody in town that would not be happy to see that building demolished. I don't know what kind of legal issues we might face, but I think it's worth trying whatever we can do to get that structure removed, so I certainly would strongly support this," said City Commissioner Don Ryan.

      Again, this is only an application for a grant. Should the city be approved for the grant money, the building could be demolished by next July.