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      City of Wakefield to honor its veterans

      The City of Wakefield is making sure veterans with roots to the area are not forgotten. A memorial is in the works to go along with flags already put up by Sunday Lake to honor those who've served.

      City officials say the response has been overwhelming. More than 400 applications for a stone have already been turned in since they first announced the project six weeks ago. Now officials are looking at ways to expand the space,so that marble can be placed continuously. Funding for the project comes from the $70 collected with each application.

      "We want to make sure this is an ongoing opportunity for any veteran from Wakefield that wants to have their name on this memorial, honoring them for their service to the country, they're able to do it," said Wakefield Mayor, Richard W. Bolen.

      The city hopes to have the project completed by Memorial Day.