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      Civil Air Patrol

      The Civil Air Patrol was created in 1941. It used American civilian aviation resources to assist the countryâ??s efforts during World War Two.

      In the U.P. there are about 30 volunteer Civil Air Patrol members. They perform three key duties.

      One of them is search and rescue and disaster relief. They respond when the state requests their services.

      â??They call the Michigan Wing and the wing says okay weâ??ve got two squadrons in this area that has this amount of expertise to help you with the situation,â?? said Civil Air Patrol Lieutenant Colonel Donald Poe. â??Otherwise, weâ??re a resource.â??

      The CAP also provides aviation education to the community during meetings and events. They often discuss new commercial and military aircrafts and procedures.

      Their final duty is their cadet program.

      It teaches youth about aerospace and the aviation industry. The program also pushes physical and mental strength.

      â??Iâ??ve also learned I can push through things,â?? said 15-year-old cadet master sergeant Logan Caron . â??Just doing things Iâ??m not used to doing, my bodyâ??s not used to doing. I can push through that. Iâ??ve gained a lot of friends in this Civil Air Patrol just by going to camps and other things.â??

      If youâ??re interested in the CAP, they recommend you stop by their meetings here at the Delta County Airport the first and third Saturdays every month. The senior meetings start at 11:00 and the cadets begin at 1:00. You can also call (906) 428-2195.