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      Civil War reenactors fill Fort Wilkins

      The dreary wet day didn't stop Civil War reenactors from maintaining their roles at Fort Wilkins on Sunday for the Battery D 1st Michigan Light Artillery 30th annual Civil War encampment.

      At Fort Wilkins in Copper Harbor Civil War soldiers go about their duties. Together they fire off the canons.

      "Teaches you all about what it used to be like and you can also pretend you're a soldier," said Eli Fox, visitor.

      Looking around it's like you have traveled back in time to the 1800s.

      More than a hundred members of the Battery D first Michigan light Artillery are reenacting life during the Civil War.

      For reenactors it's all about teaching history, and learning from it.

      "The privations, horrors that they saw. And, have a better appreciate of what it takes to keep this country free," said Cpt. John Clark, Battery D.

      Visitors got to see artillery demonstrations, training, and medical response.

      They also were able to see how people dressed, where they slept, and how they cooked.

      Some even attended church to learn more about the people involved in the war.

      "The soldiers on both sides that would sing together in the evening and would hear one another with a common Christ. It was sad that our brothers fought each other," said Richard Becker, visitor.