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      Class isn't in session, but recess is still on the schedule

      Central Elementary School in Alger County opened its doors to the community after being closed for over three years. The building is in the process of converting to a new community recreational center.

      â??We have a lot of stuff going on in Munising, but we're scattered all around,â?? says Deb Fulcher, Alger Parks and Recreation Director. â??What we're trying to do is itâ??s a place to goâ?|we'll get bingo back, we'll get people walking the hallways.â??

      â??We have free WiFi. Sit, and chit-chat, and have a cup of coffee,â?? she adds.

      A 24-hour fitness center, a gymnastics room for toddlers, and yoga room have been put in, but that's only the beginning. Rooms can be rented for eight dollars a square foot, however, that price is negotiable. Parks and Recreation officials say this project is not about making a profit.

      â??Iâ??m really looking forward to having a place where we can all go and find something to do,â?? says Munising resident, Chelsea Heyrman. â??I think this is an awesome asset for our community.â??

      Residents are encouraged to attend the open house Thursday from 12 to 8 p.m.