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      Class of 2013

      A new group of students graduated on Sunday from Finlandia University in Hancock. Itâ??s one of their most important days in life. After years of hard work and dedication these students are graduating.

      â??Iâ??m feeling very proud to graduate and excited to move on to the next chapter. And really get out into the world and take my skills,â?? said Alyssa Erspamer.

      They have achieved a major goal in their lives, and along the way theyâ??ve done things theyâ??ve never done before.

      â??My goal coming into college was to be more involved in everything. So, I was on student senate, on the hockey team and involved in the community and stuff like that. So the four years here have been just great just for my development,â?? said Cameron Goude.

      For some students this is their second degree.

      â??Itâ??s a big accomplishment for me to go back to school at 34 and to make Summa Cum Laude and be one of the honor students,â?? said Lori Stachowicz.

      This yearâ??s student representative Eric Hinsch is graduating with a degree he start 17 years ago. His message to everyone, itâ??s never too late to take chances and be who you want to be.

      â??Just because it may not be your plan donâ??t let it go. Other than that be yourself, find your passion pursue it donâ??t let anyone else tell you what makes you happy,â?? said Eric Hinsch.

      This year 121 students graduated. The majority with either a Bachelor of Arts, Science, or Associate in Applied Science. Now theyâ??re starting a new chapter in their lives.