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      Classic cars cruise 550

      Classic cars lined the front lawn of the Thunder Bay Inn on Sunday.The annual Antique and Classic Car Show had residents from across the U.P. showing off everything from Mustangs to Model As.Marquette resident Jerry Albright owns a baby blue 1956 Ford Custom Line and said it took him 20 years to find the same type of car he used to have back in high school. He also mentioned it took 10 months to refurbish, paint, and repair the car but it was definitely worth it."They were just nice cars and they were built really sound. The '50s cars are something that'll never come back. The metal, the workmanship, the design...that's what makes the '50s cars. Every single one is unique to itself," said Albright.All of the cars on display had to be at least 25 years old.