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      Classic cruisin' in Baraga

      More than 60 car owners in Baraga brought out their prized vehicles for the first ever 'Cue Cruise.'

      The Cue Cruise was organized by the Cue Master Bar. Anyone with a car they wanted to show off was invited. Registration was free and came with a raffle drawing. After gathering outside the Cue Master Bar, the drivers cruised through Baraga to L'Anse, where they made a pit stop at Frostie Freeze for free ice cream from the owner who was also a part of the cruise.

      Organizers say it couldn't have gone better.

      "Everything came out great," said Tom LeTendresse, lead car driver.

      "The weather, it's beautiful weather. I'm seeing cars come out. I talked to one guy, I haven't seen his car in five years. He said, 'Yeah, I finally put the intake and carborator on it.' He said, 'I wanted to get down to the Cue Cruise.'"

      The Cue Master Bar plans to make this an annual event.