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      Cleanup begins at apartment destroyed by fire

      After a fire ripped through Heritage Manor during the morning hours of August 17, firefighters had to rescue 41 elderly residents.

      Now Moyle Construction Company is starting the cleanup process."For right now, we basically have an environmental assessment going on. Basically what they're doing is they're going to go in, they're going to test different surfaces such as the drywall, test it for lead or cadmium presence in the paint," said Andrew Kemper, Project Manager for Moyle Construction. Once the assessment is completed, all of the drywall, carpet, and other damaged times will be removed. In the meantime, the residentsâ?? furniture will be housed in a space donated by the Moyle Construction at the Copper Country Mall.Sherry Hughes is the Executive Director of the Houghton Housing Commission, and she says a sprinkler system will be installed inside the building."What I've been told so far is that with the extent of the damage to the building, right now, we will be required to get it up to the current code which will include sprinkler systems," said Hughes.The lobby is one of the most damaged places inside the apartment complex. The floor is riddled with ceiling tiles. There's also a dehumidifier in place which brings dry air in and wet air out. The dehumidifier also keeps bacteria from growing inside the apartment.There are currently 25 workers on site, but as time goes on, that number may increase."We have the equipment and the people that we really wanted to try to get back to work and help out the community any way that we can," Kemper said.