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      Click it or ticket enforcement

      If you were in US-41 in Marquette Township on Monday, you probably saw a heavy law enforcement presence. Well, you can expect that for the next two weeks.

      It's all part of the annual Click It or Ticket campaign. They're watching and waiting for unbuckled motorists. For the next two weeks, especially during Memorial Day weekend, you will see safety belt enforcement zones.

      It's the Click It or Ticket campaign, where officers from local police departments, sheriff's offices and Michigan State Police are making sure you're wearing a seatbelt and know the importance of buckling up.

      "Keeps you from being thrown in the vehicle, keeps you from being thrown out of the vehicle. It's going to save your life in the event of a traffic crash," said Sgt. Kevin Dowling, Michigan State Police.

      According to the Office of Highway Planning, wearing a seatbelt reduces serious injury and death by 45 percent.

      Multiple patrol cars will cover a zone; one will act as a spotter and alert others when they see a violation. If you aren't buckled in or aren't wearing it properly, you will get a $65 ticket.

      In 2008 and 2009, Michigan had the highest seatbelt use in the nation at 97 percent, but it's declined over recent years to 93 percent. Officials say for the most part, U.P. residents are compliant with the law, but they want to increase the number to a 100 percent.

      This year local agencies were given state funding.

      "The Office of Highway Safety and Planning has given us a grant to allow for overtime for officers, deputies, and troopers to work together to accomplish the goal of getting people to use their seatbelts," said Sheriff Michael Lovelace, Marquette County Sheriff's Department.

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