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      Cliffs announces major repair at Tilden Mine

      Cliffs Natural Resources announced the $6.7 million replacement of a riding ring on a pelletizing kiln at the Tilden Mine located in Tilden Township.

      The replacement ring has a diameter of 29 feet, a width of 40 inches, is 20 inches thick and weighs approximately 124 tons. This replacement process is expected to take approximately 42 days, according to Cliffs.

      The kiln shell was delivered in December, causing delay for some Upper Peninsula motorists.

      "This is a significant investment by Cliffs for the continued sustainability of the Tilden Mine," said James Kochevar, interim General Manager, Michigan Operations for Cliffs. "Production will be interrupted on the kiln; however, the riding ring replacement is necessary in order for Cliffs to continue to provide a reliable operation well into the future."

      The previous kiln repair took place in 2010 and involved a 1,000 ton crawler crane to do the lifting. This repair will be using a 600 ton crawler crane and an 800 ton truck crane due to the logistics of the replacement.