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      Cliffs helps Negaunee Fire Department

      The Negaunee City Fire Department's plan for a new training facility got a big boost from Cliffs Natural Resources Monday. Cliffs donated $12,500, the first of two checks that will total $25,000.

      The new training site will be a place for firefighters in Marquette County to get live fire experience. The money for the donation comes from the Cliffs Foundation.

      "Giving back to our community and especially something like the fire department, which serves a great number of people, is something that is going to be great for the community," said Jennifer Huetter from Cliffs Natural Resources. "We're happy to be a part of it and we're happy to be able to support it."

      "Firefighters in Marquette County will be able to have a facility they can go to to get more hands-on training that we sometimes have a difficult time establishing certain types of training, especially when it deals with live fire," said Jeffery Gardyko, Negaunee City Firefighter. "This will enhance their skills and give them a better perception, especially the newer firefighters."

      The \fire department is also working on having high school shop students do the welding for the training site project. The current goal is to have the facility finished sometime next year.