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      Cliffs Natural Resources VIP celebration

      While crowds gathered around the Flagship Niagara in Marquette's Lower Harbor, hundreds of VIPs turned out for Cliffs Natural Resources private reception.

      Cliffs partnered with the Marquette Maritime Museum to bring the Niagara into the city to mark the 100th anniversary of the ore dock. Various community members, business leaders and politicians were invited to the event. Cliffs says the event demonstrates its role in supporting the community.

      "Well, Cliffs has always prided itself on being a good community citizen and being very supportive of our community," said Jennifer Huetter, Public Affairs Official for Cliffs Natural Resources. "We hope to offer events like this in the future, maybe bring a small ship back, who knows, but lots of different events to be a part of and give back to our community."

      The Flagship Niagara will be open to the public for tours on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.