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      Cliffs offering in-depth tours

      It's one of the biggest industries in the U.P.--mining.

      On Monday, a select few got to see what Cliffs mine is all about in a VIP tour.

      "We hope that when they walk away from the tour program that they come out with a better understanding of, not only Cliffs' industry, but also the mining industry in general. Mining is very strong here in the U.P., and it has a rich history, so it's really good to have people get a better understanding about that industry," said Cliffs District Manager, Jennifer Huetter.

      The group first stopped at the Empire Mine pit, which is much larger than Tilden's pits. Then, they made their way to the Tilden Mine plant, where the group got a 10-stop tour and were able to see the mining process from start to finish.

      "You go to the store and buy all of these things made out of steel, and you never really realize all the stuff that goes on in the background in order to bring that to your table or put that in your hand. Iron ore that's mined out of that facility goes all over the world, so I can only imagine the impact that Cliffs and their mining has in the entre world," said tour-goer Derek Bush.

      The official start day for the summer tours is Friday, June 19 and they run until August 25.

      "If you haven't been on the Cliffs public mine tour, come on down and check it out. I think people are really going to enjoy it. It's a great tour and it gives a very in-depth look," Huetter added.

      At the end of the day, each tour-goer got their own packet of the finished product: iron ore pellets.