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      Cliffs production to resume early

      More than 240 Cliffs Natural Resources employees who have been laid off since June, could be back to work soon, ahead of schedule. Wednesday, Cliffs announced they have adjusted their production amounts for the Empire Mine in Palmer.

      This means that production at the mine will resume in September. Cliffs also says they expect to bring back all the employees who were on a temporary layoff.

      "Curtailment, again, was based on how our production plan was working for the year, so that happens from time to time. We went into the year thinking we had x amount of pellets that we were going to make, and now we've adjusted that upwards a little bit," said Dale Hemmila of Cliffs Natural Resources.

      Originally, the employees were expected to return to the mine in mid-October. Cliffs employs more than 1,700 workers between both the Empire and Tilden Mine operations.