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      Climbers dig in to Michigan Ice Fest

      People are already breaking the ice in Munising to kick off this weekend's Annual Michigan Ice Festival.

      It's a site that attracts people from across the nation. Every year climbers come out to ice formations at Sand Point in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to climb the frozen waterfalls at the Annual Michigan Ice Festival.

      We caught up with couple John and Stephanie Wowsuck who traveled from Chicago to climb the ice for John's birthday. He has gone ice climbing before in Alaska but says the ice formations in Munising are closer and better.

      "It's as safe as it can be; it's actually a lot of fun, and we got a lot of good people out here and makes things more enjoyable. Climbing up is a thrill, it's definitely a rush. It's a little warm this year, but we are enjoying our time out here," said John.

      His wife Stephanie climbed up for first time, and although John says it's safe; she feels it has its challenges.

      "It's really wet; the water is coming down on you so you're trying to keep your head down and keep chucking through," said Stephanie.

      You don't just dive into it. First, you'll snap the harness around your waist and someone else belays your rope line as you climb the frozen waterfall.

      Chicago native Eric Bernadi said although someone is holding your line, you can still slip.

      "It's the sensation of 'oop opp' there I go! Just like you just go with the flow, you say, ok I'm falling, and go," said Bernadi.

      For those who want to come out and experience the thrill this weekend, there will be trained staff on site.

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