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      Climbers hit the ice for annual Ice Fest

      Every year, hundreds of people from around the U.S. come to Sand Point in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to climb some amazing ice formations. It's the annual Michigan Ice Fest.

      For some, like Sebra Lacy, it's their first time climbing any frozen waterfalls.

      "The person belaying me was very patient because I kept kind of what's called, sitting on the rope. Trying to get the picks in the ice looks much easier than it actually is. So that was my hardest is trying to get the picks in straight," said Lacy.

      Some people came to enjoy the beauty of climbing in a different place.

      "I really like Michigan here because our home area in Highline Canyon has a lot of trees and forests. So you wander through the trees, looking for climbs and they sort of appear and it's a lot like here. So I kind of like that aspect," said Joe Josephson.

      This year more than 500 people ventured their way to making climbs ranging from 20 feet to 200 feet. However, first you need to have all the right gear.

      "So there are some specific items you need. You will need ice axes to hold to ascend the ice. You need mountain boots to put you in to try it, and crampons, these are the spiky things on your feet that help give you purchase to climb the ice," said Bill Thompson, organizer.

      Once you're harnessed in, a person belays your rope, and you conquer the climb.

      You may think you need upper body strength when it comes to ice climbing, but the key is in your legs.

      The festival is a way to learn techniques which helps you reach the top. For many first timers, they plan to be back next year.