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      Close call during morning fire

      Aftermath of Amasa, MI grass fire

      Part of a camp field in Iron County is gone after a brushfire on Friday in Amasa on Carlson Road.

      A Forest Fire Official says Joe Hyrkas, a Calumet native, was at his family's hunting camp burning old logs on the property when the wind carried embers onto the field setting them ablaze.

      He called 911 at 10:15 a.m. on Friday morning, and first responders arrived within 15 minutes.

      "This fire had the possibility of being a bad fire if it would have gotten up into that pine plantation," said DNR Forest Fire Officer, Chuck Santori. "I think there's quite a distance that it could have run."

      Fire officials were able to contain the area in under 30 minutes, but it still burned a little over two acres of land. Even though Hyrkas claims he was unaware of the burn ban, he will still be penalized for his actions.

      Officials want to remind residents to always check with local authorities on receiving burning permits to avoid any future disasters.