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      Close to 400 teens help with home repairs

      For some people, seeing a teenager who paid $400 to offer free labor may seem a little odd.

      But these teens are looking at a larger picture. Itâ??s part of a Christian mission outreach called Teen Serve. â??We all did fundraisers and stuff to raise the money for this camp,â?? said camper, Cali Isham.

      For an entire week, teens from all over the country are coming together to Dickinson County to share love through their labor. â??Itâ??s such an amazing experience being here and knowing you're making a difference in someone's life, helping them and just making it better for them,â?? said another camper.

      Work is being completed on 65 to 70 houses within a 25-mile radius of the North Dickinson County School at no cost to the homeowner. And the North Dickinson County School has a pretty neat role in the outreach. Itâ??s housing the 369 teenagers and staff. Rooms are full of air mattresses and sleeping bags, perhaps making it the largest slumber party Dickinson County has ever seen.

      Each night, the teens get to hear from speaker Craig Smith and widely-known Christian artist, Phil Joel and his band, the Zealands. But the teens say they enjoy serving others the most. â??Itâ??s really nice because you know that you're doing something that they can't on their own,â?? said one camper. And with each stroke of their brushes, they're leaving marks of their faith and love for those in need.