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      CLOSING: American of Marquette closing in July

      A long-time furniture and appliance store in Marquette Township is closing its doors.

      According to management, American TV and Appliance in Marquette will cease operations in the local storefront, July 14.

      The furniture retailer has been in business since 1976.

      The store is selling off its floor displays and offering discounts to customers.

      The decision to close the store comes from American's corporate headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

      "American has been very proud to serve the Marquette community for the past 30 plus years, over the next two weeks we'll be liquidating our floor merchandise so I look forward to serving those customers and seeing them come down and check out our liquidation," said Steve Weir, store manager.

      American's human resources department is working with the current employees to help them during this transitional period.

      Economics appear to be the reasons for this corporate decision.