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      Closing arguments begin in sex crime trial

      Prosecutor Matt Wiese kicked off closing arguments in the trial against William Meni on Wednesday morning.

      Meni faces eight counts of criminal sexual conduct for alleged assaults that happened against three girls under 13 years old that began 18 years ago.

      "I submit to you there's one fair, just decision in this case," stated Wiese. "And that's first degree criminal sexual conduct.

      Wiese took the jury back to Negaunee in 1994 where the first alleged incidents occurred. From there the prosecutor spent an hour going over innate details of the alleged assaults. He ended his argument by telling the jury that the case was reviewed, but no charged were filed.

      "Just because justice was delayed doesn't mean justice should be denied," Wiese said.

      Defense attorney Derek Swajanen told the jury unreliable testimony, delayed reports and "inconsistent statements" all point to a not guilty verdict.

      "You can't come to court with assumptions that's not evidence," stated Swajanen. "Beyond a reasonable doubt is what they have to show and there just isn't enough there."

      TV6's Beth Cefalu will continue to follow the closing arguments from court and provide updates, when available, here and on the TV6 Early News at 6 p.m.