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      Closing arguments in Ishpeming self defense murder trial

      Closing arguments began on Tuesday in the murder trial of Ishpeming resident Jack Carpenter, accused of murdering David Meyer in June of 2012.

      Prosecutor Matt Wiese opened closing arguments by stating he "disagrees" with the defense council's argument of self-defense.

      "'This guy was armed; I was lucky to get out alive,'" Wiese said were the first words out of Justin Saari's mouth to police, a witness to the incident.

      The prosecutor also told the jury Carpenter denied killing anyone when asked by the first officers on the scene four times.

      The prosecutor told the jury it wasn't until after police pointed out Carpenter had "blood on his hands" the defendant responded "he attacked me with a knife."

      Wiese admitted the police made a mistake by not checking for contact DNA on the knife, but added since the two men lived together, it would most likely be on there. Not a definite indication Meyer held it that day.

      Defense attorney Karl Numinen said this case is about a "person's right to defend himself" from an assailant with a knife.

      Numinen said the ex-girlfriend of the victim, and her mother, described him as aggressive with a short temper and had "multiple protection orders" against him.

      The defense then pointed out no DNA was tested off the knife, nor off the bleach bottle, and if his client attempted to clean up the blood on the floor, there would be bleach stains or smears from the blood.