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      Closing day of Calumet Celebration

      Saturday was the closing celebration for the weeklong Calumet Heritage Celebration.

      The annual event was held in Agassiz Park and has been going on for almost a decade. Organizers add that it typically attracts thousands.

      ??It??s quite a celebration,?? said Norm Toski, a Hancock resident. ??I think the Copper Country is a very proud place to be from, as is the entire Upper Peninsula.??

      Calumet resident Beth Maki said it??s her seventh year attending, adding she always has a smashing good time.

      ??Lots of food to eat and music,?? she stated simply. ??All kinds of stuff going on.??

      Lots of food is an understatement. One of the items offered, Pannukakku.

      ??It??s really huge in Finland,?? said Emily Loukas, a Finnish Calumet resident. ??You can't go anywhere there without finding it.??

      If you missed out, mark it on your calendar for next year...the celebration returns every August.