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      Coast Guard offers kayaking tips

      With people hitting the waters on kayaks, the United States Coast Guard station in Marquette wants to remind you of some safety tips and rules.

      According to the Coast Guard, not having certain safety items is not only dangerous, it is illegal. The most important thing you need to have is a life jacket, and if you're paddle boarding, you need to have one, too.

      Make sure the size fits you, and when you strap it on, it's not loose. Also, get a whistle that you can attach to your jacket for emergencies.

      "Not being aware of the weather conditions that can change drastically in a minute, you can see it from flat calm to four foot seas, and that's where we see people get in trouble," said Joshua Kuhn of the Coast Guard.

      If you're going to purchase a kayak, get one that has two bulk heads so if water gets in the cabin, it still floats. Kuhn also recommends you have a personal information label on your kayak.

      Also, take some training classes, and if you have any questions, stop by the Coast Guard station in Marquette.