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      Coast Guard practices ice rescue

      The Coast Guard in Dollar Bay was out on the ice Thursday morning practicing ice rescue drills.

      The officers usually practice on the ice everyday as part of their training. The officers took turns getting in the water and using different rescue items such as an inflatable boat and flotation tubes. They also practiced different scenarios to be prepared for any situation.

      They say the most important thing people can do to keep themselves safe on the ice is to remember what "ICE" stands for.

      "Intelligence, meaning know the ice you're going on. Make sure someone knows where you're going, how long you'll be," said Coast Guard Officer Henry Wilson. "Clothing: make sure you wear bright colors so that people can see you. And then equipment: make sure you have the proper equipment, screw drivers or something to be able to pull yourself out of the ice."

      Should you find yourself or someone else in a dangerous situation on the ice, always call 911 for help.