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      Coast guard station opens doors to public

      The U.S. Coast Guard in Marquette held its annual open house Friday afternoon.

      Visitors got a chance to see the behind-the-scenes operations of the Coast Guard station. All areas were on display including both of the boats used in search and rescue operations. According to the guardsmen, one of the more popular areas of the open house is the Communications Center.

      "We open our doors to the public so they can come in and actually see what's going on behind closed doors because most of the public know us. They don't really have a name with a face, so we open the doors so they can see what goes on. It makes us have a closer relationship with the community," said Jacob Marshall of the U.S. Coast Guard.

      With warmer temperatures expected this weekend, the Coast Guard is anticipating a busy boating time. They would like to remind boaters to ensure that all of their crafts and equipment are inspected and safe.