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      Coast Guard training exercise

      What would happen if someone jumped or fell off of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge?

      That's the training exercise the Coast Guard planned Wednesday.

      The simulation rescue is something that happens every year and this time it was for a coxswain qualification.

      According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the coxswain is responsible for the safety and conduct of the passengers and crew.

      They're also responsible for the safe operation and navigation of the boat and the completion of the assigned mission.

      ??It's important to do things like this to see where he's at; to see how he can handle an actual situation, a search and rescue situation, because he's not aware that it's a drill,?? said Boatswain Mate Third Class Richard Chaney.

      Once the call comes in, the Coast Guard immediately responds and once they reach the person in the water, then the Coast Guard pulls them safely onto the boat.