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      Coffee bacon anyone?

      If you enjoy eating bacon with your morning coffee, why not try a little bit of bacon in your coffee?

      Cyberia Cafà in downtown Houghton is offering their customers a new bacon flavored syrup to add to their coffee.

      The owner says the cafà has had a pretty good response with the syrup and it will only be offered for a limited amount of time.

      â??I saw it in a magazine. It was one of those coffee trade magazines and I had to get that so I was after my roaster for probably five or six months until they finally got some in and I bought a bunch of it,â?? Steve Macke, owner of Cyberia CafÃ.

      Customers who come in requesting the syrup say it has a light flavor of bacon with a little bit of a sweet and salty taste.

      They also say the bacon flavor goes well when itâ??s mixed with the maple or chocolate syrup.

      If youâ??re still unsure about adding a little bacon to your coffee, Cyberia Cafà still has 40 different syrups you can try.