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      College room and board prices are climbing

      Since the introduction of college in the mid-1800s, the price of tuition and room and board has steadily increased. According to the United States Department of Labor, more than 12 million people are enrolled in college. Michigan Tech recently held their Board of Control meeting and approved an on average 2.5 percent increase to their room and board rates. â??The recommendation is that the Board approves the recommended residence hall housing and meal as well as apartment rental rates. All in favor? I. Any opposed? Passed,â?? said the Board of Control members. â??We are very diligent in working to reduce cost throughout the university, however, in this case, we recognize that costs have increased,â?? said Julie Fream from the Board of Trustees. Tech says they have been able to reduce cost by having their own generator on campus, and they also try to employ more student staffers. Around 2,400 students live on campus, and those living in Douglass Houghton, McNair and Wadsworth Halls will see a $200 increase for the 2012 to 2013 school year. The Daniell Heights Apartments will see a $25 to $35 increase, however, the Hillside Place Apartment rates will not increase next year. â??Our biggest concern comes down to the timing. For the last two years, theyâ??ve raised the increase for room and board rates after recontracting. So weâ??ll sign these legally binding contracts, and the next month [we] learn that weâ??re going to have to pay more than we expected when we signed them,â?? said Christian Vrerland, Resident Advocate for the Inter Resident Housing Council. The board says they make every effort to have housing and meal plans as affordable as possible, but this new increase will have the students bearing the burden.