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      College scholarships

      High school seniors will be graduating soon and going to college. Getting in a college can be a long process. One of the most important tasks you will face is figuring out how to pay for school. Michael Rotundo says you should, at least, start by talking to the university's financial aid office to see what they have to offer.

      "If we feel like they're legitimate, we will post them up on our website as well as other schools will, too. We will post things like scholarship search engines that we feel are safe for families to look at," said Rotundo.

      When you're searching online, do not pay anyone to apply for a scholarship. Remember, you should also apply for federal student aid as it qualifies you for grants, and also look to local businesses.

      "If you work for a major chain/corporation, the corporate will often offer some form of scholarships. My workplace gave me $6,000 in scholarships over two years," said Jennifer Skogman.

      The sooner you start while in high school, the better chances you have of getting more. Westwood High School Guidance Counselor, Larry Boburka, says even if you don't qualify for scholarships, you should still apply.

      "Every year, thousands of dollars goes unclaimed, and I've been witness to certain scholarships, in fact, I have had people call me asking me to encourage students to apply because nobody has applied for the scholarship," Boburka said.

      Nick, a senior at WHS, already has a scholarship and is applying for more. "You don't want years and years of debt adding up, so you're going to want to find as much as possible," said Nick.