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      Collin Cavin, speed racer

      Stock car racing is underway in the Upper Peninsula. It's the smaller, local version of NASCAR that's racing in the U.P.

      The stock car itself is a regular car, stripped to the bare bones, for weight and safety. Inside, there's a seat and a seat belt.

      Collin Cavin has been racing stock cars since he was 14 years old. He's now 15, making him one of the youngest racers in the U.P., and despite crashes along the way, he says he's a "pretty good racer."

      Cavin says stock car racing runs in his family. His father and a few friends recently worked on a brand new car for him, making it faster and more efficient.

      "I'm just a new racer and just getting into it. I'm trying to follow in my grandpa's footsteps and be like he was when he was younger, and still is, and just make my sponsors proud and have fun out there," said Cavin.

      Stock car racing season runs through Labor Day.

      Sands Speedway is Marquette's local track and has racers every Saturday night. For more information, click here.