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      Colombian tourists see snow for the first time

      A group of young Colombian tourists are getting a taste of the U.P. experience.

      Eleven 15-year-old girls and some of their family members are traveling from the Bogota area to celebrate their quinceneras.

      It was organized through the Colombian travel agency, Viajes de Quince.

      One-hundred-fifty young women traveled to Orlando, but 11 decided to take an extended five day vacation to the U.P. where they met up with some friends and family in Sands Township for some fun in the snow.

      The ladies had never seen snow before this trip, and on Sunday they took their first sled dog ride through a snowy forest.

      "We hope that today is going to be an unforgettable day because everything we're going to do is going to be exciting, and we love to be here, so we think we're not going to forget this day," said Lina Castiblanco, vacation co-organizer.

      After spending time with the dogs, the girls were treated to a Thanksgiving-style dinner.

      The past two days were spent on horse-drawn sleighs and hiking up Sugarloaf Mountain. On Monday, they will make their way to Marquette Mountain for some skiing.