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      Comfy kits made up for fire victims

      The Red Cross is one of the many agencies helping victims of Super Storm Sandy. They're also helping people in the U.P. where the Red Cross was getting some help themselves. Nearly a hundred Girl Scouts from around Marquette and Gwinn came together to help fire victims. The American Red Cross held a "Comfy Kit" building session at Father Marquette Elementary School in Marquette.

      After collecting donated items like stuffed animals, deodorant and tooth brushes, the Girl Scouts put together the Comfy Kits, which will be distributed to victims across the U.P.

      "We're hoping that because of the success of today (Saturday) that we're going to go around the U.P. and have Girl Scouts from around the U.P. do this," said Jeff Selesky of the American Red Cross.

      About a hundred kits were made on Saturday.