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      Commissioners address gun control

      The Marquette County Commission held their last public meeting for the year. The topic of gun control came up.

      At the meeting, Marquette County Commissioner Steve Pence made a motion for the board to look at the issue of gun control. The motion urges the legislature to start a discussion on ways to curb gun violence.

      Pence also said restrictions on the sale of military assault weapons and restrictions on whom can buy firearms at gun shows should be addressed.

      "I know there may not be a consensus on this board or in the room, but I also know the time for talking about cliches of 'gun, don't kill it,' time to have an honest discussion," said Pence.

      The motion opened a discussion among the commissioners, all agreeing it should be looked at. However, not just gun control; also mental illness in our society that results in gun-related tragedies.

      "So I think that there is two sides to this are to address gun control; we also need to address the mental illness aspect. What we are doing as a society," said Bill Nordeen, Commissioner.

      Commissioners passed the motion. During public comment, County Prosecutor Matt Wiese addressed the topic as well. Wiese said he brought the issue to the State Prosecuting Attorney's Association and asked them to start a discussion.

      "I did ask them to not be based upon politics, to not be based upon whether you are a liberal, conservative, democrat, or republican. So far, there's a discussion. I'm glad to see that because we don't want to wait until this occurs in our jurisdiction," said Weise.

      There was a large crowd at the meeting; county employees were waiting for a decision on union contracts. The board tabled negotiations for seven county department contracts.

      They will have a final meeting on the issue December 28.