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      Committee gears up for Friday's fireworks

      The Marquette Fourth of July Fireworks Committee is gearing up for their big display this Friday, and they say it'll be better than ever.

      The committee has been working hard to reach its fundraising goal for a down payment on next year's fireworks. The committee says they're very thankful for all the generous donations they've received. The fireworks for this year are set and will feature a new twist, accompanying music.

      "Last year they had a very spectacular fireworks display," says Pat Black of the fireworks committee. "We think that this year with the addition of the music to the fireworks display it's going to be probably one of the most fantastic things that you've ever seen in Marquette on the Fourth of July."

      The decision of whether or not to hold the fireworks show, in the event of bad weather, falls to the City's Fire Chief Tom Belt. If the weather doesn't cooperate, the committee will hold the fireworks Saturday evening, and if that gets rained out, Sunday.